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By becoming a winbox player you can get daily rebates by total bets, beside rebates itself when refer friends to register and join, you will get basic principal rebate, while your friends playing the games, you may get chips rebate, lots of benefit are waiting for you. Let’s promote together!

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Lion King Treasure Hunter Event

Any players hunt treasure box in LION KING may win extra cash reward, Prize up to MYR 68,000.00! 

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Lion King Treasure Hunter


Any player hunt treasure box in Lion King may win extra cash reward Prize:

accumulative 2 times – RM 500.00
accumulative 3 times – RM 1,000.00
accumulative 4 times – RM 2,000.00
accumulative 5 times – RM 4,000.00
accumulative 6 times – RM 8,000.00
accumulative 7 times – RM 18,000.00
accumulative 8 times – RM 28,000.00
accumulative 9 times – RM 38,000.00
accumulative 10 times – RM 48,000.00
accumulative 11 times – RM 58,000.00
accumulative 12 times – RM 68,000.00

Lion King New Slot updates

Sakura Slot is now available in Lion King!


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Up to RM8500 Payout in Ekor

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